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Books: IT'S ART Issues #11 & #12 Are now Sold Out!
IT'S ART VOL 02-2008
IT'S ART Issue 02-2008 - Start to drag the right page to watch the Preview

IT'S ART - Issue 02-2008

-> Pdf version : $1.50, Instant access

-> Printed Collector Version : $32.50 / 25 (+ Shipping Costs )

8"1/5 11 inches, (215.9 x 279.4 mm)
240g. Glossy Cover / 120 g inside Paper
106 Pages

For wholesale discount, contact us

"We have always aspired to be a top quality journal and for this special event we have worked especially hard on this issue that gathers some of the best works of the past months that you have discovered on our website. We wanted to offer these talented artists: producers, directors, creators, and also the fans of CG, a reference publication in the digital arts field and the opportunity to expose their works in a published journal and online. You will find in this issue interviews with many interesting artists, some who have already proven their talents with famous masterpieces, and some that have just started on the path towards celebrity. Along with the interviews, you will have the opportunity to take a closer look at their portfolios in high resolution. Additionally, you will find the best works that have appeared in our CG Gallery over the past couple of months." P.L.

Harcover Version + PDF (Pdf, 137 MB)PDF (Pdf, 137 MB)
Price: $32.50Price: $1.50
IT'S ART Vol01-2008
IT'S ART Issue 01-2008 - Start to drag the right page to watch the Preview

IT'S ART - Issue 01-2008

Click to Discover all other issues

Complete PDf (Pdf, 84 MB)
Price: $1.50