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XVLTR by Dan Arnold Mist
XVLTR by Dan Arnold Mist
1) A1 (594mm x 841mm) $499 signed and numbered (only 3 available)
2) A2 (420mm x 594mm) $399 Signed and numbered (only 10 available)
3) A3 (297mm x 420mm) $249 Signed and numbered (only 20 available)

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IT'S ART Logo and artist name/title are not print on the final version
Download Preview/Demo
A1 (594mm x 841mm) - Only 3 availableA2 (420mm x 594mm - Only 10 availableA3 (297mm x 420mm) - Only 20 available
Price: $499.00Price: $399.00Price: $249.00
Fully 3D rigged model (Exclusive right)
Fully 3D rigged model (Exclusive right) by Daniel Arnold mist
Original 3D rigged model available with full rights. (only 1 available)
Price: $1000.00
Download Preview/Demo