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ART And Prose: Art And Pose Magazine
Art&Prose Issue #7
Art&Prose Issue #7 by Art&Prose Direct Download! (Zip, 54 MB)
Chris Parsons - Artist and Illustrator
Jonathon Earl Bowser - Mythic Naturalism
Kristina Gehrmann - Digital Artist
SnowDog - Photoshop Artist
Junior Mclean - Digital Artist
Mandy 'Kitty' Swain - Digital Artist
Audra Jensen - Photoshop Artist
Carol Green - Battle of Wits
Lisa Hosie- InterAngels
Penelope Friday - The Watch
Joy V. Smith - Paulie
Jim Fox - The Woman Who Was Greedy
Tony Thorne - Competition
G David Schwartz - Shawn
Suzan Wiener - 8 Tips to Get Your Manuscript Published
Danielle Thorne - Embracing My Inner Hoochie Mamma
Dennis Upkins - Diplomatic Critiques
Isabella Akinseye - 7 Ways to Get Inspired and Get Writing
Jeanne Lyet Gassman - The Positive Side of Rejection
Isabella Akinseye - How to Write A Quiz for Publication
Gwendolin Kirchhoff - The Genesis of Massurrealism
Alan King - Time Warp
Marge Simon & M. Frost - Unholy Cow
I.E. Lester - Harm by Brian W. Aldiss
Sam Barone - Author of Empire Rising
Joey Naber - Actor/Producer
Kristina Gehrmann - Dark to Light - Digital Painting
Josh Raab - Modeling A Mech - Part1: The Foot
JJohnson - Painting Textures in Hexagon 2.2
JJohnson - Clothes Modeling - Folds and Creases
Special Freebie:
New Greek Toon Character for Poser / Daz Studio - Plato!
Price: $0.00
Art&Prose Issue #6 - October 2007
Art&Prose Issue #6 - October 2007 by Art&Prose Direct Download! (Pdf, 47 MB)

Inside the October issue:

J.P. Targete- Fantasy Artist and Illustrator
Aery Soul- Artists and Poser content creators
Chad Michael Ward- Artistic Storyteller
Evette Hogan- 3D Artist
David Hartman- Horror Artist and Animator
Stefany Belisle- Horror Artist
Drazenka Kimpel- Fantasy Artist

Fran Jacobs- Community Service
B.P. Levenson- Dedication Day
Gerri Leen- Mother of Demons
Joanne Hall - Where the Roses Grow
J.L. Graham- The Smell of Death
Wayne Summers- In the Night
Michael Simon- Change of Season
J.L. Schlosser- Shards of Glass
Joshua Raab- Yanisin’s Tale
Dorothy Sander- Friday Night Gone
Angeline Hawkes- Samhain
Lisa Hosie- Forever

Townsend Twainhart Command Decision

D. Kimpel -Painting Cloth in Photoshop
Anna Bird- Radiant: Image Walkthrough
Witchdidi - Reaching Out: Image Walkthrough
JJohnson - Painting with ArtRage 2.5

Special Freebie:
Exclusive Poser content from Aery Soul!
Price: $0.00
Art&Prose Issue# 5
Art&Prose Issue# 5 by Art&Prose Direct Download! (Pdf, 30 MB)

Inside Issue #5:

Jody Parker - Founder of DarkOcean Studios
Howard David Johnson - Realistic Artist
Van Renselar - Abstract Artist
Alan King - Massurealism Artist

Fran Jacobs - "This is My Heart"
Lee Crystal - "Which Came First - Part 3"
Sarah Ashwood - "Spawn of Darkness" (Poem)
Joanne Hall - "Woods of Ekaterinburg"

Megan Angell - "Point of View"
G.W. Thomas - "How to Write A Fable"

JJohnson -Basic UV Mapping in Hexagon
Stephanie Law - Painting with Watercolors
Angela Meadows - Creating Morphs with Zbrush2
JJohnson - Creating Abstract Art with Bryce

Special Interview:
Kitty Kavey - Award Winning Screenwriter and Director
Price: $0.00
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