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What's New: Hot New products added this month
Female Hunter Video Tutorial - 1440px Version by Daarken Direct Download! (Zip, 1427 MB)

In this video Daarken will take you through his process of painting a female hunter. Starting with a digital sketch, Daarken will show you how to add color to a black and white image and give you a glimpse into his design process. At a 128 minutes of real time video you can see, in detail, his every step.

This HD video also comes bundled with Daarken's brushes and psd files so that you can explore his use of layers. This video tutorial is not a physical DVD, but a digital download.

With over 2 hours of tuition packed full of useful techniques you'll be creating your own masterpieces in no time!

Video Resolution 1440x900 - Format Quicktime

1280x800 Video Resolution Available HERE


Price: $12.00
Lotus Born : 5 hours Maya Modeling by Daniel Arnold mist Direct Download! (Rar, 3888 MB)

Daniel Arnold-Mist - Expose 7 Master Award Winner - presents a detailed modeling tutorial on the creation of his Lotus Born / Equilibrium images renowned for their incredible detail and originality. Within this tutorial Daniel explains step by step the techniques required to create his mind numbingly detailed images using Autodesk Maya. Not one vertex move or extrusion is missed.

With over 5 hours of tuition packed full of useful techniques you'll be creating your own masterpieces in no time!

Video Resolution 1280x1024 - Format Quicktime






Price: $39.00
ITS ART Vol03-2008 by Dwight Clark Direct Download! (Zip, 123 MB)
IT'S ART Issue 03-2008 - Start to drag the right page to watch the Preview

IT'S ART - Issue 02-2008

-> Pdf version : $1.50,

-> Printed Collector Version : Coming Soon

Featuring :

Kirsi Salonen, James Neale, Sean Ellery 'ProMotion Studio), Neil Mc Cormack, Thierry Marchand (Oktapodi), Yap Kun Rong, Andreas Rocha, Tiziano Baracchi, Lukasz Pazera, We Humans Challenge Selection, CG Gallery Best Of

Price: $1.50
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