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Pict*re: pict*re magazine is a digital photography magazine loads of colorful and strinking photos from
Pict*re Special - night
Pict*re Special - night by Picture Magazine Direct Download! (Pdf, 1 MB)
Not a fully volume of pict*re magazine - it's a special teaser issue with the tag night as theme - featuring photos from the pict*re photo pool from flickr.
Price: $0.00
Download Preview/Demo
Pict*re Vol2
Pict*re Vol2 by Picture Magazine Direct Download! (Pdf, 14 MB)
A fully new equipped volume of pict*re magazine with better layout and most important - more and bigger photos!
Volume Two features a lot photos from the pool, a great interview with Helga Kvam, photographer from Iceland, a how-to about to create panoramic images, monthly tags, the group themes and also a story about Sustainable Harvest - a non-profit organisation that helps people to a better live.
Price: $0.00
Download Preview/Demo
Pict*re Vol1
Pict*re Vol1 by Picture Magazine Direct Download! (Pdf, 8 MB)
The first and premiere volume of pict*re magazine had it's start with loads of colorful and strinking photos from
Volume One features an interview with flickr member Jeff Clow, the monthly tags are water & yellow and there's a great tutorial on a fake lomo-effect.
Price: $0.00
Download Preview/Demo