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Forbidden Whispers: Forbidden Whispers Publication
ForbiddenWhispers Magazine Issue 5
ForbiddenWhispers Magazine Issue 5 by FW Publishing
Forbidden Whispers Magazine Issue 005

Welcome to the fith issue of Forbidden Whispers Magazine. Since the last issue we're back with a beautiful colourful issue, full of artist interviews, workshops, and galleries.

What have we got in store for you for this issue? We point the spotlight on some talented artists such as, Malcolm McClinton,Chris Parsons, Benjanmin Friess, and sisters Marie-Michelle and Vanessa Pepin showcase their works in our galleries.

Improve your artistic techniques with our workshops and artist walkthroughs, featuring Eleni Laela with her haunting image ‘I was innocent’, and Verónica Atanacio brings us ‘The Gathering’ in her step-by-step walkthrough.

And if that wasn’t a treat already we're showcasing some of the best artists in our galleries . Such artists include, Scott A. McEwan, Massimo Cressano, Lee Crystal, and making his second appearance in FW Magazine Joerg Warda shares his most recent digital paintings.

We have some fantastic interviews for this issue. Kicking off our interviews we have Poser Artist and ZBrush Modeller, Calum Andrews talking to us about his love for the dark arts. We also feature Miss Anne Pogoda as she makes her second appearence with her indepth interview. Many more interviews inside!

We also publish our 'Artist of the Month' awards for 2007/2008 from the FW Publishing forum.

Free Item:

Our Editor, Anna Bird has created a beautiful set of lights for the Poser Software. The lights will work in Poser 4 Pro Pack and Above. If you purchased FW 5 you will receive the full pack. If you downloaded the Lite FW 5, you will receive half the pack.
Free lite Version (Zip, 9 MB)Full Version (Zip, 90 MB)
Price: $0.00Price: $3.50
Forbidden Whispers Issue 4
Forbidden Whispers Issue 4 by FW Publishing
Exclusive and Unique interview with Justin Lassen. This interview is nothing you will have seen before, instead of the forbiddenwhispers team conducting the interview we asked Justin’s peers and inspirations to ask him the questions you have always wanted to ask. Justin goes indepth into his thoughts and thinking behind some of his music tracks and his inspiration in producing the music that sits so beautifully alongside some of the most stunning artwork created by his peers. And if that was not enough, Justin is very kindly sharing with us 6 of his music tracks for your listening pleasure.

Other interviews include, Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe, Micael Krenzin, Suzzane Van Pelt...

Wen-Xi Chen, Michael Gonzales, Liu Yang, Jakub Kujawa, Anne Pogoda, Erich Schreiner, Sieg ‘Beloved Creature’, Piotr Zwierzchowshi, Scott Lee Gearheart, Sky Keith.

Terms of service within Art communities. Art Community web site reviews.

Gothic Girl, Painting walkthrough by Anne Pogoda La Petit Princesse, Stunning making of by Michael Krenzin Mr Leto, Painting walkthrough by Suzzane Van Pelt Bryce modelling and lighting techniques by Lionel Graham.

All this and much more inside the magazine.
Lite Version - Free (Zip, 14 MB)Complete - Hires Version (Zip, 83 MB)
Price: $0.00Price: $3.50
Forbidden Whispers Issue 3
Forbidden Whispers Issue 3 by FW Publishing
Cover artist Sebastien Sonet tells us "My creatures are part of me. I believe in them, and I try to make people believe too." Find out more in his interview. And Team Dystopia member Francesco Navarro who talk to us about their 'Dystopia Project'. Melanie Delon, George Patsouras, Pascal Blanche and Katherine Robinson also feature.

Artist Spotlights
We take a closer look at the work of 4 artists within this issue, firstly we talk to Josh Grafton, and discuss the Angels Fall First project he is working on. And wel also feature Joerg Warda, Kheng Teoh and Grzegorz Krysinski. Also featured are french artist Alexandra Bach, and also Joseph J Mauricio.

Mark Coulson, Simon Schulz, Marcin Zemczak, Martina Ufen.

Melanie Delon takes us step by step through her haunting painting ‘Lya’ Concept artist Bryan Norton, talks digital colouring Neil Jary takes us through his image 'Wet Work.

All this and much inside the magazine.
Free Lite Version (Zip, 7 MB)Complete Hires Version (Zip, 133 MB)
Price: $0.00Price: $3.50
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