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Forbidden Whispers: Forbidden Whispers Publication
Forbidden Whispers Issue 2
Forbidden Whispers Issue 2 by FW Publishing
This issue we have 132 pages of the finest Digital Art and expressive writing for you to look over and be inspired by. We have various forms of art on display, from concept and speed paintings, to complete 2D digital and matte paintings and of course not forgetting 3D renders. We believe the quality of the art in this issue is without doubt some of the best we have showcased to date and is testament to our continued growth as a quality publishing company.

The showcase galleries contain a wealth of fantastic digital imagery from some of the more established artists, and also from many upcoming artists alike. We also begin to take a look at 2D digital artwork, and feature a number of artists whose 2D work is of exceptional quality.

Along side the artwork, we have some very inspiring poetry, along with a short interview with an outstanding talent Nigel Corbett. Alongside Nigel we have much poetry which will hope you will find inspiring. Author Tom Hines is showcased with his gruesome horror story Till Death Do Us Part, and we have an excerpt from a digital comic created by artists David Howard, called The Final Frontier.

Also, Christina Roberts has generously created a Poser texture set for the Akira outfit for Aiko3, which is exclusive to purchasers of the Forbidden Whispers Magazine. So don't miss out, get your copy today for this fantastic quality item.

Cover artist Fredy Wenzel, featured artist Paul Gerrard, talented dark surrealist artist Jim Tetlow, Poser artist Orietta Rossi and Poet Nigel Corbett all talk to us and showcase some of their high quality work.

We also take a look at some of the web based art communities on the internet at the moment, and review each in turn. Love them or loathe them these places form a breeding ground for many of the aspiring artists in the world today.
Free Lite Version (Zip, 5 MB)Complete Hires Version (Zip, 182 MB)
Price: $0.00Price: $3.50
Forbidden Whispers Issue 1
Forbidden Whispers Issue 1 by FW Publishing Direct Download! (Zip, 6 MB)
This our debut and launch issue contains 62 pages of Art, and also a number of tutorials which we hope will help you with your techniques. We also have some exclusive interviews for you to read, which will hopefully give you a little insight into how some of these artists go about their work.

The showcase galleries contain a wealth of fantastic digital imagery from some of the more established artists, and also from many upcoming artists alike.

This debut issue is free of charge to download.

Artist Interviews
Up and coming artists interview with Susan Carl, Poser artist Rebel Mommy discusses her work and influences.

We take a look at some new artists and give them a great starting point out in their artistic career by giving them much needed exposure. Featured in this issue are Messenger, Daniel Irvin, and finally Chris Strauss.

Anna Bird has included 3 tutorials in this issue of the magazine dealing with the painting of lips in both light and dark, she also covers a tutorial which deals with eyes and how to brighten them. Also included is a tutorial about keeping your eye on the ball, an easy way to fix posing eyes within Poser.
Price: $0.00
Forbidden Whispers Issue 006
Forbidden Whispers Issue 006 by FW Publishing
Forbidden Whispers Magazine Issue 006

Welcome to the sixth issue of Forbidden Whispers Magazine. Since the last issue we're back with a beautiful colourful issue, full of artist interviews, workshops, and galleries.

What have we got in the bag for you all for this issue? We have pointed the spotlight on some very talented artists such as, Lara Gaffunti, Sara Justesen, Norbert Garaj. and digital poser and Zbrush artist Frank Thomas shares his talents in our galleries.

Improve your artistic techniques with our workshops and artist walkthroughs, featuring Marie-Michelle with her image 'St Poison’, and Chris Parsons brings us ‘'Sucession' in his step-by-step walkthrough.

And if that wasn’t a treat already we're showcasing some of the best artists in our artist showcase . Such artists include,Tariq Raheem, Ron Garreltso, David Pendleton and Olga Dabrowska share their talents.

We have some fantastic interviews for this issue. Kicking off our interviews we have Digital artist, Miranda Adria talking to us about her love for the fantasy arts. We also feature Ida Larsen as she makes her second appearence with her indepth interview. Many more interviews inside!

We also publish our 'Artist of the Month' awards from the FW Publishing forum and the winners of our 'Death and Decay' Contest.
Free Version (Pdf, 9 MB)Hires Version (Pdf, 30 MB)
Price: $0.00Price: $3.50
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