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What's New: Hot New products added this month
CG Chosen : Architecture
CG Chosen : Architecture by 3DM3 Direct Download! (Zip, 62 MB)
A new issue of downloadable PDF CG Chosen Magazine is dedicated to the endless theme of architecture. As many CG artists work in the area of architecture visualization which usually assumes making an ordinary job on modeling and rendering a certain object one can say it's no more a creative work. We tried to prove the opposite mixing ordinary visualization projects and real masterpieces devoted to outstanding architecture buildings. You will find really interesting projects described here in 6 Making Of articles, stories about artists and companies working on architecture visualization and design in 2 interviews and lots of inspiring artworks including 4 Chosen Artist sections and the Gallery. You'll find all that on the 90 page of the magazine that is moreover available for printing now.


* Interviews:
o Jiang Gao Wei & GinSun CG
o Stanislav Orekhov
* Making Of:
o Business Center by Andrey Korotchenko
o Yttergrund Lighthouse by Michael Brown
o Merry X'mas & Happy New year by Nitin.D.Mahale
o Chateau Frontenac by Sebastien Gaudard
o Piazza Grande by Tiziano Fioriti
o Facade Proposal by Vince Chua
* Chosen Artists:
o Gianni Melis
o GinSun CG
o Michael Brown
o Stanislav Orekhov
* Gallery:
o Alejandro Ruano
o Andrzej Majewski
o Jakub Goda
o Jie Ma
o Luis Melo
o Manuel Molar
o Marco Mosetti
o Mauricio Santos
o Mohammad Saatchi
o Nelson Liaw
o Romain Gouzenne
o Sven Dannart
o Tom Wolski
o Xiaoge Liu
Price: $3.99
Forbidden Whispers Issue 006
Forbidden Whispers Issue 006 by FW Publishing
Forbidden Whispers Magazine Issue 006

Welcome to the sixth issue of Forbidden Whispers Magazine. Since the last issue we're back with a beautiful colourful issue, full of artist interviews, workshops, and galleries.

What have we got in the bag for you all for this issue? We have pointed the spotlight on some very talented artists such as, Lara Gaffunti, Sara Justesen, Norbert Garaj. and digital poser and Zbrush artist Frank Thomas shares his talents in our galleries.

Improve your artistic techniques with our workshops and artist walkthroughs, featuring Marie-Michelle with her image 'St Poison’, and Chris Parsons brings us ‘'Sucession' in his step-by-step walkthrough.

And if that wasn’t a treat already we're showcasing some of the best artists in our artist showcase . Such artists include,Tariq Raheem, Ron Garreltso, David Pendleton and Olga Dabrowska share their talents.

We have some fantastic interviews for this issue. Kicking off our interviews we have Digital artist, Miranda Adria talking to us about her love for the fantasy arts. We also feature Ida Larsen as she makes her second appearence with her indepth interview. Many more interviews inside!

We also publish our 'Artist of the Month' awards from the FW Publishing forum and the winners of our 'Death and Decay' Contest.
Free Version (Pdf, 9 MB)Hires Version (Pdf, 30 MB)
Price: $0.00Price: $3.50
SNAP Magazine Issue 9
SNAP Magazine Issue 9 by FW Publishing
This issue marks the last issue of SNAP Magazine being bi-monthly. From Issue 10 this magazine will become a quarterly publication to make way for other publishing ventures.

The quality of the work in this issue is stunning, featuring such photographers as, Taylor Harmon, Andreea Alexandra Cernestean, and making another appearance in SNAP we feature some of Adrian Kirchhof's macro imagery.

Our debut photographers include, Megan Dipo, Irene Pederosa, Tamara Rogers and the bright and colourful workings of Nataliya Peregudova.

Making her second appearance we showcase the beautiful works of Cover Photographer,Miranda Adria.


In this issue we have two brilliant interviews. We talk with our cover artist Miranda Adria about her love for self-portriture, and we talk with Paul Cooklin about his fondness for black and white macro photography.

Special Features :

We showcase FW Publishing's Forum Photographer of the Month for April, Katt.
Lite Version (Zip, 10 MB)Hires Version (Zip, 163 MB)
Price: $0.00Price: $3.50
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